According to ayurvedic teaching, a woman’s body loses three elements at birth: earth (the baby), fire (blood), and water (amniotic fluid). This leaves her with an imbalance of air, which makes her feel cold and dry.

Cultures all over the world have traditions to restore this balance, usually involving 40 days of rest where visitors are kept to a minimum and the community takes over household and older-child care. Sadly, most American families don’t have access to this kind of support. It’s my passion to learn about these traditions and be a part of the village!

Here are a few of my favorite tools and how it might look for me to support you.

FOOD. Postpartum food should be warm, flavorful, and easy to digest; full of nutrients and healthy fats. My favorite nutrient of all is PLEASURE, so I want you to enjoy every bite! (Joy = oxytocin = healing. It’s science.) In addition to my tried-and-true recipes, I’m happy to make a favorite recipe of yours. And, I’m a huge proponent of postpartum chocolate. 🙂

SOOTHING TOUCH. I highly recommend in-home massage for mamas (and their partners!), and can refer you to some wonderful therapists. I can also teach you how to massage your baby, which is a beautiful connecting experience and so good for their development.

SOAKING. I will run a soothing epsom oatmeal bath for you and baby, and change your bedding so you can slip into a cozy cocoon of rest afterward!

BELLY BINDING. I can provide you with a simple tubular belly band or perform a more traditional binding ceremony. This helps many women feel held in and supported, aids the uterus in shrinking back to size, and improves posture.

GENTLE MOVEMENT, BREATHING. The physicality of early motherhood can come as a shock! While you’re recovering and waiting for your six-week exercise clearance, you will likely be using muscles and holding postures you’ve never held before. As a certified yoga teacher who’s recently lived through postpartum herself, I can help you with subtle and safe movements to ease those aches and pains. I can also guide you through breathing and meditation practices to restore your connection to self, help you feel grounded, and build your intuition.

A BEAUTIFUL SPACE. Everyone says “sleep while the baby sleeps,” but in my experience, this can feel impractical… the dishes are calling, and there’s clutter everywhere! I know all too well how environment can affect mood, so I will always leave your space better than I found it. That might mean folding a load of laundry, washing bottles, taking out the trash, or feeding the pets. You are doing the work that only you can do, so this is a perfect time for outsourcing the household tasks.

COMPASSIONATE LISTENING. Having someone to witness you without giving judgment or advice is so powerful. As a person outside your intimate circle, I’m in an ideal position to hold space as you find your way through this major life transition. I am here to support, encourage, and champion you! Most importantly, I am another mother. You do not have to do this alone!

VILLAGE BUILDING. There can be a variety of challenges in the adjustment to life with a new baby, from mental and emotional health, to lactation and feeding issues, to pelvic floor pain, and more. If extra help is needed, I can connect you with my network of local referrals and help check on their availability, insurance policies, payment plans, etc. Don’t let the mental load of those “adulting” tasks prevent you from getting needed help!

Like what you’ve read here? Do you have a unique need that I’ve not listed? Contact me for a free consult.


I offer personalized packages based on your care needs, including one or more prenatal planning sessions. In-home, daytime support is billed at a minimum of 4 hours @ $45/hour, and I require a minimum of 4 visits. There is no maximum, as every family is different.

In general, I only work with one family at a time, to provide a high level of attention and support. Each package includes text/email communication between sessions, research/prep work as needed, and handmade or curated gifts. At the conclusion of the package, additional visits may be added for $180 each.

I’m happy to work with you on a payment plan, postpartum registry, FSA/HSA reimbursement, or workplace program to help you get the support you need.